Honor System

Honor can be obtained through the battlegrounds and after a certain level you can use the Honor to purchase rare and valuable equipment from the arena

Honor levels are as follows

lvl 1:  Commoner

lvl 2:  Private

lvl 3:  Champion

lvl 4:  Warrior

lvl 5:  Elite Warrior

lvl 6:  Crusader

lvl 7:  Knight Crusader

lvl 8:  Elite Crusader

lvl 9:  High Commander

lvl 10: Imperial Commander

lvl 11: Lord Divine

Once you achieve an Honor level of 6, you will lose honor every time you are defeadte in battle.

The maximum amount of honor is influenced by a players character level. Leveling up will increase the maximun amount of honor you may obtain.The maximum amount of honor a player may obtain each day is 3000

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